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Aristo Pharma

My choice for medicine
Aristo Pharma

Aristo Pharma

My choice for medicine

About Aristo Pharma

Aristo Pharma was founded in 2008 and established itself as one of the most important pharmaceutical companies within a very short time. The company is run by management as an owner-managed medium-sized enterprise.

Today, the Aristo Pharma Group comprises: 1 headquarters, 5 production sites, 1 logistics centre and 12 sales locations. Since our establishment in 2008, we have followed a growth-oriented path, which our more than 1,640 employees enthusiastically help to shape. Basing our headquarters in the federal capital of Berlin offers an attractive environment, whilst also being a strategically important location for our nationally active sales network and our predominantly German-based production sites.

Our product range is focused on well-known original products alongside a wide selection of the most important substances in the generics market. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of herbal medicines, some of which have been proven for decades, as well as modern medical devices and other aids.

The Aristo Pharma Group is growing: We are currently represented in 12 countries with our own office. From there, we look after other markets and distribute medicines under our own brand.

Aristo Pharma Group is active in the major European markets such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Poland. During the last years Aristo Pharma Group opened up offices in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Serbia and Portugal.

For more than 20 years the Aristo Pharma Group serves patients in countries like Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

Beside of the activities in Europe Aristo Pharma Group is present in the northern part of Iraq with an exclusive distribution partner.

We are always here for you: dependability is one of the most important requirements in the health care sector. High quality, the availability of medicines and overall transparency are the three main pillars we all stand by in taking care of people’s health. This is ultimately driven by you: our customers, doctors and pharmacists.

You motivate us to demonstrate our ‘Made in Europe’ quality standard every day, across all of our production sites. Our primary goal is your satisfaction and that means: punctual deliveries and the highest quality. We achieve this with our six modern ‘state of the art’ development and manufacturing factories in Germany and Madrid/Spain. We continue to successfully focus on Germany for our core business. This also provides us the opportunity for consistent control and the required proximity to the market – allowing us to react swiftly to requirements at any given time.

The Aristo Pharma Group combines manufacturing with development and a family ownership structure. With forward-looking perspectives and comprehensive technical expertise, we are always one step ahead of the market in terms of strategic direction.

Unified quality standards apply at all of our production sites, which are subject to continuous control. We take special pride in protecting our employees and the environment, which is why we work to the stringent ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP) guidelines.

The Aristo Pharma Group is growing: we are currently represented with offices in thirteen countries. From here, we manage other brands and sell medicines under our own brand.

Find out more about our locations here:

Our philosophy is simple: we produce medicines which are both high quality and cost-effective for patients.  “Because every person has a right to health” – as a pharmaceutical company, we want to help keep health affordable.

Health is one of our most important commodities, but preserving or restoring it can be very costly nowadays. Long development times and intensive basic research contribute to the high price level of new pharmaceutical substances. It faces high cost pressure due to tight budgets for medical treatment expenses. Therefore, it is our goal to produce cost-effective and high quality medicines so that they remain affordable and available to all who need them. Not only does that benefit the individuals, it also supports the long-term future of our health care system.

In order to reach our goal, we have chosen a business model covering three primary areas.

The first is the marketing of medicines: we provide highly effective substances, whose patents have expired, as generics – at prices that are affordable for everyone. But we also offer original products and a wide range of so-called OTC products (‘over the counter’: available prescription-free from pharmacies).

The second area is our production: we try to produce as many medicines as possible ourselves at our own production sites in Germany and Europe. This is how we ensure the highest quality standards, but also because we are committed to our domestic location. In addition, Aristo Pharma produces a large number of medicines for third-party customers, other pharmaceutical companies.

And finally: we work on a variety of our own galenic and generic developments, actively shaping the future at the same time.

2008 Founding
1640 Employees across the whole Aristo Pharma Group
36 Countries served
7800 Total number of products produced

Sales locations

Representative office of Aristo Pharma GmbH

Dimitrija Dragovića 47
18000 Nis

Phone: +381 18 535988

Production sites


Aristo Pharma
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